4 days and 3 nights deep sea fishingtrip in Ko Similarn island 10.03 – 14.03 2012

The trip was again great succsess. We started from Pattaya by our VIP minibus on 09.03 daytime and arrived to Khao Lak early morning.

We loaded the boat full of differend kind reels and rods and other fishing equipments.

Boat starts from pier around 08.00 heading hot fishing spots.

After couple hours driving and trolling we stopped to fishing live baits. I jigging couple times, and nice Dorado was landed allready.

Captain said from the bigining, that fish is now deeper, that live bait fishing is better, than trolling. And he was right.

Ewery time, when we move place, we trolling, but couch only couple fishes. Small tunas and skipjacks bites wery well, but we was looking somethin bigger.

First night raining a littlebit and almoust ewerybody got a good sleep in airconditioned cabin. Cabin has bed for 9 people.

On the nightime captain was allready drived the nearest hot spot wating sun rising.

And captain was right !!

When sun rised King Maecrell bites realy wery well.

We landed 6 -7 nice 7-9 kg King Maecrel inside 2 hours + what we coud not get up and some Dorados.

Weather was wery good exept first night small raining.

Only some of us have power to fishing nigt time, and lots of Barracudas landed.

Rainbow Runners ve couldnt find that time, but normaly ewerybody sleap nigt time.

Next day same thing. Many King Maecrells and Dorados landed and some other fishes allsi.

Wery nice trip at all and give the pictures speak more.

And BIG thanks for the people on the boat and specialy for the cook. We had meal 3 – 4 times a day.

Next trip is planned month 10 – 11 depends how people have interested.

Yours fishinguide Jari.