14 – 19 September 2013

Hunting Sailfish in Malesia Kuola Rompin 14 – 19 September 2013


I had heard rumors of Malaysia, located in the Kola Rompin village, which had risen to Asia’s best billfish fishing destination.

I had been thinking it for a while and followed the events in your local store Kola Rompin . Last winter, after talking to a good Thai friend of mine , who had been fishing in there I made a decision to visit the place in the autumn. I took my contacts through contact with local captains and I had booked a boat for 2 days Kola Rompin .
The date selector fishing days next week in Malaysia ‘s largest fishing competition this weekend (3-day competition) , after assuming that at least in the case of fish should be present.
So I went to my wife’s trip Kee ‘s alone with the aim to get a few sailfish . Planning a route alternatives were two . Singapore , or via the Kola Lumpur . I chose Singapore as the Formula 1 race took place appropriately the return trip , when we experienced that too.
So the journey .

14 October 2013 Bangkok Don Muang Airport 07.15 in Singapore.

Arrival 10.20 am local time , from the familiar to the taxi driver took us to the Malaysian side of the Johor Bahru called to the big city . We stayed there at the same time exploring the local shopping centers, where the price level of a cheaper , than in Thailand. In the morning the car rental where I had pre- booked a car for 4 days. From there we drove to Dribble Rompin about 200 km , and we arrived at the hotel at about 15.00. I managed to still competitive position and observe fish consumption . The day before, the best sailing team had raised 17 sailfish for shooting , which had so far been the best weekend of achievement. Thus, 17 sailfish a day! !
I was wondering , is it that such issues can not hear , like a fish stories . Well tomorrow will be the first fishing day, so it does not really see it .
October 16 Jetty Station Kola Rompin 07.00 we meet on a fishing boat captain Kau Jai : ca He shows us the boat and has the goods to the boat and the journey begins . The boat is a relatively small lightly-built fiberglass approximately 9 x 2 meters and equipped with 2 x Yamaha 110 hp four-stroke , Yamaha Max number of persons 6 persons .
The morning was calm, as if the whole day. We drive for about half an hour and fished for bait fish in an hour or so , moving towards the hot spots . Even a quarter of an hour of driving , and will begin to show sea birds hurtling into the water. And in addition to the water’s surface rises several sickle -shaped fins . Sail fish tail fins ! The fish have gone up a little school of fish with the surface of the syönnökselle . During the trip, I had put rods and reels ready , so we were able to start fishing right away. About 5 minutes after the first impact . I was too hasty, even if I let the fish take about 20 seconds before the counter-attack . A lost after a short battle . I am reminded of the idea of a dark rose . Was it the only fish? ? The calculation of a new live bait , I was able to detect the same time for about 15 sailfish on the surface . Ie not unique at all. Yet two others lost for various reasons, and then the first up to the boat for shooting and suddenly back to freedom. All swordfish ( Billfish ) Dribble Rompin is a C & R ( catch and release ) fish. The first day was the result of two fish from a boat , and a dozen others lost. So it’s 17 fish of the day was not drivel speech. I fished alone and 2 of the rod when the races were three fishermen per boat and a more rod. The goal was achieved and , therefore, in good spirits to the hotel to shower and eat. In the evening, I wondered losts possible causes. Some of it was pretty clear. Sail Fish mouth is full as sharp sand paper and rub it between the leader a cross väsytyksen period. One of the vavoistani had other more rigid, and the leader of the line , and a fiber node 2 times cross each time the fish shook his head in the air hyppiessään . Fiber is very strong and rigid , but it differs from the sudden shock without proper snell , which operates a so-called . shock absorber. Thus, a longer leader to leave tomorrow. One coil of braided fishing line 250 meters, and in addition to the bottom line. Sail Fish first bet may be 200 – 300 meters. And so it was that 250 feet of braided main line ran out , with even the 40 -pound monofilament was cut off. A few of the fish got away just because the hook was caught badly. Well the day after tomorrow again.
Fishing Day 2

The meeting at the same time in the morning and normal routines in order to obtain the bait fish and game sites . Now the wind was but a little order about one’s subordinates and the waves the boat. Bait fish intake was significantly more difficult than the day before. Again, the birds showed little schools of fish , and at the same time the sail fish presence . And näkyihän them. Again, the top few , and I lost the 4 Fish really hard after the Battle of the boat. Stella 10 000 series kelastani began to move closer to the end of the line and drove the sail fish after quarter of an hour in line for pumping water . The fish was of a comparable size , the bigger the fish the day before yesterday , and Captain classified it as 35 + kg, the size of the length of well over 2 meters. In addition, the number of bites , apparently King Mackerel and purjekaloilta . 1 of about 5 kg of food fish Barracuda .
After all, I was very satisfied with the first retkeeni Kola Rompin . It is clearly a fishing destination to its reputation as the variety is much haviteltu purjekala.Se gave me a lot to learn just sail fish fishing with live bait fish. It has its own tricks , like all forms of fishing .
The fall of next year, I plan to check-out with a group 4 to 8 fishermen , now that I know what I can expect from there . If your interest is to get involved , please contact us well in advance and collect the outfit together.
Greetings Captain Jari Laakkonen www.siamgreatadventures.com