24 Hour Trip 7th December. Lost of Black Marlin !

Full boat totally 10 anglers from Estonia, German and Finland heading to Koh Man Wichai island and did not expect what will happen tomorrow. We catch early night squid as a bait and night time fishing some Barracudas and snappers. Morning bigger fish start biting. We got several great African Pompano and Queenfish. Biggest over 6kg. 2 rods was rigged for live baitfish for King Mackerell. Then something unexpected happened. Suddenly reel screaming, rod bending and a Black Marlin was jumping in the air pulling line out from reel. First run was longer than 200 meters. Wow ! Captain start the engine ready to follow up the fish. Line from reel running out all the time. We had only 25 pound line so could not tight brake anymore. Before we could reverse this big wooden ship line almost finish and line went cut. We Lost It ! Nobody did not speak for a while. Only few words like Gone ! Cut off ! Lost ! Finally somebody told that is was a great opportunity to see the real King of the Sea and now that big fish can still grow up, produce more giant fishes unharmed. And after all, we everybody agree. What a day to remember ! Our next 24 hour trips starts: 21st December 5th January 16th January 28th January 12 February 2 March All include trip 4 500 baht/ person 48 Hour Trips: 19th - 21st February 21st - 23th March 48 hour trip 8 000 baht/ person