17 – 20.03.2015

4 days 3 nights Gas Field Fishing Trip

Did you know that the Gulf of Siam, is also oil and gas drilling towers? They are located about 200 km from Pattaya to the open sea. Fishing around them is the ultimate experience. They can be fished day and night. Lots of great variety of fish. GT, Barracuda, Groupper, Dorado, King Mackerel, Cobia, Red Snapper, African Pompano, small Tuna to name a few. We started our journey at 9 am with my friend Captain Ge boat which is the traditional Thai fishing boat. 22 meters long and 5 meters wide. We were in the area in the evening about 12 hours of driving and fishing at various towers around all night. Barracuda, Groupper, Cobia, and the GT was biting. The morning daybreak already moved to a nearby ship wreck and was fishing there for a while. Some 6 kg African Pompano was catch. On the way back to the towers we saw 10×10 meters area of trash floating along with the flow. I asked the captain to drive close to it as trolling for tuna and Dorado. When we got over to the garbage as soon as we saw a huge flock of Dorado. We tried to throw popper, jigs, but the fish are not biting. Next, live bait in the game. Fish became greedily catch a live bait. The fish was so much that when you threw the bait into the water there was 4 to 7 fish attacked as soon as the bait hit surface, fighting who it should be eaten. We received more than 100 fish up until the live bait ran out. So, more live bait fishing. We had to move around a half hour drive from the fish more bait fish. Back to the hot spot for. The same expenditure continued. Again, tough battles and lots of jumpping Dorados. Reels whistling when the fish were fighting against. Again, we run out of bait fish, and the twilight began to settle. As a result, from the afternoon of fishing more than 200 Dorado and the biggest of 9.45 kg !! We had received the Jackpot!! Most of us were tired day struggles that after eating we slept a good night’s sleep while staff continued fishing at night time. In the morning, more bait fish, and back to yesterday’s scene. The loft was still there. Now intake was lower and the fish nibble at the bait rather than eating them. Lost lots of fishes and about 40 fish from a boat. Next, we headed to the drilling rigs and fishing at around the end of the day and the following night. We returned back to the harbor in the afternoon. To catch a fish of about 350 piece between 2kg – 9.45 kg to about 800 – 900 kg. The tour exceeded all expectations and everybody was proud. Excursion was accompanied by 3 customers and the Thai crew. If the corresponding excursion of interest to the minimum length of the trip is 4 days and the maximum number of clients 6 fishermen. The ship has two sleeping cabins with shower and toilet. Food three times a day. Guided fishing. All fishing equipment is included but is not your own fishing gear, of course, be happy to bring.