We left on 19th February 2017, with 10 experienced fisherman to a 3-day 2-night fishing trip from Samea San fishing harbor at 16.30. Our destination was an area which is in the middle of the Gulf of Siam, about 100 km from Pattaya. The area is known as an old military ships dumpsites. That is, the old military ships have been used for target practice and shot. So sunken ships and wrecks on the bottom of the sea are an excellent fishing destinations. Night time and early morning was more quiet than usually. At around 11 am started to happen. 8.1 kg of cobia, 7.8kg African pompano, cobia 14.7 kg, 3.1 kg Golden Snapper and many other fish during the day time. As a lunch we ate smoked Pompano, fried Cobia and sashimi with wasabi. Marvelous ! The night was again quiet. At morning water was still, so we decided to turn head to home using tide changing time for driving. Destination was old fishing wreck outside Koh Khram island around 40 km out of Pattaya. After about 45 minutes of fishing it happened ! Marlin ! Marlin ! Marlin ! Really again ? We lost 2 months ago one after short fight and my own boat lost Sail Fish at this same spot after 20 minutes of fight couple weeks ago. This fight was something else only we did not knew it yet. 4o pound braid line with 40 pound fluorcarbon leader, , 40 pound brown AFW stainless steel wire and 2x Gamakatsu 14 size live bait hooks was given a fast run in Black Marlins mouth. Captain drop an anchor that we could back the boat behind Marlin. 400 meters of fishing line was almost finish from the reel. When fish calm down a little after multiple huge jumps it dived down. 1 hour, 2,3,4 hours fight when we saw it again jumping next to boat. The fight last 5 hours and 31 minutes before fish was at deck. Lot of photos, high fives and talking. Finally we got it ! To get a Black Marlin with a rod rigged for a King Mackerel was not an easy thing. More than 5 hours fighting and guiding captain how to steer a boat while fish going around boat and diving under boat. It is a hard team work I can say. Hands and arms sore we arrive to a harbor 3 hours late. Next group was already waiting to get to boat. But they smile and understood why we was late. Thank's for Captain, crew and all people who join this unforgettable trip ! Next and last this high season trip what you can join is 21st March to 23th March 48 hour trip. Few places still open. Trip is all include and cost 8 000 baht/ person. Private Trips with our own Yamaha Challenger boat any day ! Bookings siamgreatadventures@gmail.com www.siamgreatadventures.com Tel +66 87 137 6006 Jari