Deep Sea fishingtrip 04.10.2012

Morning 04.10.2012 06.30 a clock we started out of Ocean Marina harbour heading behind of Koh Phai island’s hot spots. Morning was calm and half cloudy. A nice morning to go fishing. Fisfinder shows a lot of different size of fish, but the big one was not biting. We fished several spots, and because big one not bite, and day was calm I dicided to move on some 15 miles more. Then we saw allready Hua Hin’s mountain opposit of Gulf of Siam. But the same thing. Bottomfish bites ewery plases, but the big one?? We camed back to the morning’s plases and then something showing on. Big bite in calmari beit, but lost. I told, that dont worry anyway fish is active. After 10 minutes 7,2 kg African Pompano bites High Speed Jigging lure and gave a good fight with light rod and gear. One more big fish bite, but the live fish was cutted of just behind the hook. Bad luck. After about half hour we started to trolling heading home. After 45 minutes of trolling we had to stop fishing and drive fastly back home before dark. And we arrived just nicely 18.30 in the Ocean Marina. While driving back I talked with my Thai staff and wondering, why now inside 2 weeks the big fish not bites as usually. Thay thought, that long heavy rainy season brings fresh water to the gulf. And actually the water was not as clear as usually, and in shallow ( 22 meters ) water we saw like a mud water flowing with the tide. And water was wery warm 33.9 celcius allso. Maby big fishes was wating better hunting days, like we do.