Deep sea fishingtrip 11.03.2011

The weather was calm and morning have a lot of fog, but we headed on the hot spot behind ko Phai for jigging. First spot was empty, and we move on. On the next place sonar shows some fishes and we drop the anchor. While 4 live baits and one big calamari bait in bottom was ready we start jigging again. One nice Travally on the boat and one hit by King Macrell or Barracuda. That fish we lost because the fluorcarbon line was bitted and cutted. We mowed again to other spot and got lots of many kind of bottom fishes. Midday after lunch we camed bact to first spot and anchoring over the big stones on the bottom. While we was setling the thirth live bait we got a wery nice bite. After about 10 minute fighting we landed a 7 kg nice King Macrell. We still waited about 45 minutes at the same place and after moved behind ko Lin with out any bigger fish. Weather on the daytime was sunny. Evening I ordered one restaurant to cook our cauch for the fishermans and their friends. The dinner was great.