Fishing Trip Yamaha boat

Calm weather has been going on for a long time. So far so good, because the bigger  boat  Silverton Yacht is still under construction, and maintenance we have to use a smaller Yamaha boat.
This time we headed to the island of Koh Rin  natural reef, which has in the past produced results.

Fishing methods we used whole dead squid that had been applied at. 05.00 fish market, ie the baits were caught at night and fresh.

Sonar fish seemed to be the very spot constantly, but the fish did not eat. To start a little waiting, and a smaller bottom fishing, we decided to wait, however, remain in place and  smaller fish bites well.

And the waiting paid off. Nice looking snappers and other fish that were good, but eating was intermittent. So, in the meantime, was varied stories of past fishing experiences.

Again, new experiences and stories.