23 August 2014

Wreck Fishing 23.08.2014

The long-standing calm sea inspired us to go fishing.

We started our journey at 6 o’clock in the evening we fished with live squid for a while, but it was not there. At the wreck we started fishing before midnight, and some bites were frequent. Barracuda, cobia and other reef fish were numerous. At dawn the tide turned, and we anchored the other side of the wreck. King Mackerel was biting and we got 2 King to the boat. The trip was a success and the weather really nice.

The wreck fishing for fish is a significant risk of lost fishes. If the fish can escape from the wreck of the structures between the deviation from the line is fairly certain. Therefore, got away from us a number of big fish or should I say, that was released to grow.